Hamelin Consort…


Musica Antiqua Brugge, Fringe-concerten.  10.08.2012.

Op het programma: Byrd, de Lassus, Faignient, Agricola, Dufay, Dowland, Ortiz, Blas, Trombocino.

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  1. Thanks for the photos. You have a really nice blog of pics.
    The clavicytherium is a very seldom seen instrument. There are not so many and they have a very different sound from the harpsichord. The people who builts it are really artisan because of all the decoration on it made with wood and parchment.
    We are happy to read you enjoyed our concert !
    Kind regards from Basel,
    Cristina Alís Raurich.


  2. Een prachtige collage, Lies, met een geweldige belichting ! Je weet er altijd iets moois van te maken… !
    Groetjes, Wim.


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